We can create a new product to customer specifications or improve an existing one. Innovation is in our DNA.

Tomato and BBQ Sauces

Our full-bodied tomato and BBQ sauces come in an endless variety of complex flavours, from the sweet taste of sun-ripened tomatoes with a perfect balance of herbs and spices, to the heat of exotic chillis and the smokey perfection of the American smokehouse BBQ.

Cook and Simmer Sauces

Whether heart-warming comfort food or a culinary journey into the exotic marvels of the Middle or Far East, French sophistication or Mexican heat, our sauces are sure to make any meal a crowd-pleaser that will tantalise even the most demanding taste buds.

Sous Vide Sauces and Marinades

Sauces to infuse with and flavour tenderise, and for the slow cooking process of sous vide are a Colonial Foods specialty. We have many years of experience to help you to make non-prime cuts of meat into a tender and tasty sensation.

Dressings and Condiments

Creamy, sweet, smokey, tangy or classic, our dressings and condiments are the perfect accompaniment to meat, vegetable dishes and salads.

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